Easiest Way to Make Tasty My FAVOURITE TOFU(awara)recipee

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My FAVOURITE TOFU(awara)recipee. Nigerian tofu recipe yet easy to make. Healthy vegan tofu recipe perfect also for non vegans who want to sustitute meats in their diet. From vegan tofu recipes using firm tofu to quick, easy tofu stir fry.

We've got miso soup and ramen recipes for an easy, vegetarian midweek meal. Hey guys, today I'm showing the easy step on how to prepare tofu/ awara at home. Please thumbs up, subscribe, share with friends and families thanks. You can have My FAVOURITE TOFU(awara)recipee using 7 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of My FAVOURITE TOFU(awara)recipee

  1. Prepare of Soya beans.
  2. You need of Scotch bonnet.
  3. Prepare of Lime or Dantsami.
  4. It’s of Salt.
  5. You need cubes of Maggi.
  6. It’s of Eggs.
  7. You need of Oil for frying.

From salads, to tray bakes, frittatas to stir frys, here are our favourite tofu recipes. There's no denying that tofu is great for you – packed full of protein, essential amino acids, iron and calcium. But despite its goodness, and its versatility, tofu can at times be a pretty dull ingredient if it's not cooked. My favorite recipie isn't the healthiest, but it's yummy.

My FAVOURITE TOFU(awara)recipee instructions

  1. Pick away all dirts nd wash the beans very well,blend by adding enuf water for easily blending till smooth.
  2. Now add littlle water to the thick batter to loosen it and using a chiffon cloth or any soft light cloth,for easy passage.
  3. Add the sieved (soya milk)mixture in a pot and put on stove or gas,in a bowl add the scotch bonnet and add the lime/dantsami mixture nd add water to it,if the mixture start brewing add the scotch bonnet mixture nd salt,it will foam a curd like particles on top,.
  4. Now using a light soft cloth or soft rariya(strainer) be scooping the curd particles inside the cloth or rariya,till all the curd particles are carefully gathered,u will see the water inside the pot will became light,meaning there is no any left,and carefully swing the cloth to remove excess water,.
  5. Tie the cloth very well and keep aside for abt 30 mins or more,after that time the tofu/awara would have settle and become firm,cut to ur desired shape,heat oil in a pan,in a separate bowl break eggs nd add maggi,dip the tofu/awara in egg and then fry on low heat untill golden brown,serve with cabbage and chili powder,or with onion nd scotch bonnet soup nd enjoy..

Fry in a pan for a bit, however you typically fry it. I usually use a little bit of olive oil. CLICK TO SEE FULL RECIPES Full vegan baked tofu recipe: http This baked tofu recipe is the best! It's super easy, quick and really healthy. It's also insanely filling and packed with protein, not that we need so much protein, but it's always nice after a workout.

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